It’s so much fun having an extra hole!

It feels so good to be able to put things into my body from the other end. Here we are saying “aaah!”…. but not with our mouths…

I feel so lucky and special because my parts let me play deep inside my body in ways you can’t. I can feel things reach deep into my hip bones, all the way up into my belly. I can feel things pushing around all inside of me, filling me up, it’s just amazing…. And you don’t get to feel any of those sensations because you weren’t born with the right parts.

Does that make you jealous?


Watch me jam my heel right up into my crotch.

Aww, you poor baby. You can’t even do this without hurting your little ballsies. It feels so good to be able to do this, especially since you can’t!

It’s so sad that you can’t even get into certain positions without hurting yourself. How pathetic. I’m so lucky that I don’t have to deal with having a penis or balls.


I’m so glad I’m a girl. Do you know how good it feels to have someone grab your crotch when it’s smooth and flat? I feel her hand follow every curve of my body, touching every inch of my smooth, sensitive skin.

She touching me in a way that she knows I’m a girl, she can’t feel any penis or balls there at all. It makes me feel so feminine and sexy.

Don’t you wish you could feel this way? But you can’t, and you’ll never be able to. I’m glad I don’t have a penis and balls. 


Two girls rubbing their crotches together *exactly* where their balls would be. Instead of pain, they feel pleasure you can never experience.

Does it make you jealous that they can do this and you can’t?

Does it make you jealous that they’re experiencing a pleasure that you’re not even capable of imagining?

It should.


Does it hurt when I grind my crotch on your face like this?

Or does it hurt even more to know that you can’t do this?

You’d be crushing your balls so hard you’d be crying. But I can grind my crotch into you like it’s nothing. Actually, it feels pretty good.

I told you girls are better. It’s too bad it took you this long to realize it.


You boys are so pathetically self conscious.

“No, don’t look at my dick! What if everyone’s is bigger than mine? What if I’m the shortest one? I hate how mine bends to the left. You can’t look, it’s my secret, I don’t want anyone to know.”

No wonder why actors are so scared to be naked onscreen, yet actresses are confident enough to do it all the time.

We don’t have that problem. Our private parts are smooth, flat, and beautiful. We don’t have to compete over who’s the longest or the thickest because we don’t have anything down there to compare in the first place. We have nothing to be self conscious about, so we’re perfectly comfortable displaying our sexuality.

You boys are so scared that your ugly lump of flesh will look slightly worse than someone else’s. Guess what – they’re all ugly. Get over it. 


Love this! Dildo bouncy ball race. Here’s a competition boys aren’t even physically capable of competing in – you automatically lose.

First, you don’t have a vagina, so you can’t even fit that shaft into your body.

Second, you have balls, so every bounce would cause you excruciating pain. You wouldn’t even make it halfway.

Yet another thing that only girls can do and boys can’t.


Isn’t it just the most amazing hole?

She can swallow an apple whole. And spit it out whole. And swallow it whole again. At will.

You can’t do that. She can put the whole thing inside her body, even carry it around all day if she wanted to. Compared to her vagina, your dick is pathetically small.

She gets to know what that feels like and you don’t, because she was born with the biggest, most amazing hole in the body, while you were born with a tiny little flesh stick that doesn’t do anything special.


Just look at how deep it goes. Isn’t that amazing?

She gets to know what it feels like to have something embedded deep inside her. What if it feels really good to have something fill up your pelvis from the inside? What if it’s the most incredible feeling in the world?

But boys will never get a chance to find out, because our bodies are not capable of doing that.

She could probably press into her bellybutton and feel it inside her. She gets to have the biggest hole and do all kinds of fun stuff with it, while all you can do is play with your tiny pathetic dick, forever wondering what it feels like.