Look at these naked guys running.

It’s hard to fathom just how fucking uncomfortable that looks; shit is just flopping everywhere, getting in the way.

Your bodies are so flawed, if you’re naked like nature intended, you can’t even fucking run comfortably.

Girls’ bodies are better. Case closed.


It sure feels good to not have nuts! 

If I did, I wouldn’t be able to sit like this. 

I can’t imagine how inconvenient it must be fore you boys. You have to always be watching out and rearranging your nuts, because it’s so easy for you to accidentally hurt yourself. 

I like being a girl much better. 


It only takes her one hand to cover up her private parts. Hell, she doesn’t even have to use the whole hand. Everything is neat and clean and tidy. 

You on the other hand; it would take you two hands to cover up your floppy, unwieldy junk. Even then, hairs and bits of skin would probably poke out through your fingers. Disgusting.


Luba stares at her crotch and once again feels lucky to be a girl.

Her right heel is driving right into where her left nut would be. She smiles as she playfully taps her crotch with her heel, feeling no pain whatsoever. “Girl power!”, she thinks to herself.

She realizes if she had a penis, it would be dangling down pointing right at her face, and this picture wouldn’t be anywhere near as beautiful.

As she looks at her smooth, flat crotch, she feels fortunate to have been blessed with a superior body.