Wow, so this is what it’s like to have tits? I feel betrayed! I was sure to be lucky to have a girlfriend with amazing tits like that, so I can touch them whenever I want. Now I have to find out that having them touched is 10 times more amazing?! Usually they are a good fit for my hands, but now with her tiny hands they feel huge!

God I have to be careful not to rub them too much, they are so sensitive. Does she always feel like that only from touching? What the hell! That is so not fair! Why does she get to have so much more fun than I do? Fuck they are so bouncy and perky, it makes me want to squeeze them! Screw it. what’s the worst that is going to happen? *squeeze* Ahh ~~ God! That feels amazing! How can she get so much pleasure just from squeezing her tits? Not fair!

Gosh I am starting to feel strange. Maybe I should change back before she comes home and catches me. I really want to continue exploring though. If just playing with her tits already feels this amazing, how must it feel to … no I can’t! I am a man and I should not enjoy playing with a woman’s body like this! But, who would blame me? If anybody knew how awesome this feels, they would not judge me! Fuck it! Nobody is ever going to know! I want to know what she feels!

I remember that there used to be some toys in her nightstand. Fuck. That is a big dildo. I mean, my dick is big, but that thing is ridiculous. That can never fit in down there, can it? Well she is  using it, so I guess it does. So how do I do this now? Feels like I’m already wet. I can’t believe I just said that. It’s hard to find the opening. With my dick I never have any trouble finding the right spot, but from this perspective it’s quite awkward. Oh I think I found it. Jep the tip is definitely touching the right spot.

Ok calm down. Just remember that you are a woman now. There is nothing weird about shoving a huge dildo up your pussy. Just take a deep breath and gently push it in. Fuck! The tip just went right in! I can’t believe that the tip of this fucking fat thing went into me like nothing! God I can feel it stretching me. It’s so strange, but it also feels really good. It makes me want to push it in even more. Is this her body doing that? Do women always crave being filled out like that? I am going to do it! Ok nice and slowly now. God I can feel it, every inch that is going into me. It gets better with each second! How can a massive thing like that go in so easily? What the … that’s it? It is all the way in? That thing must’ve been as long as my forearm and it’s all the way inside me and I didn’t even notice? How in the world is that even possible?

It feels amazing to have this thing inside of me! I can feel it filling me and I can also feel the muscles down there grasping it, but somehow it’s not enough! I need to rub my clit. Ahh! Fuck! How sensitive is that thing? It’s like touching my dick, but ten times more intense! I need to be really gentle. Oh god that is way too good. Why does she get to feel so good? As a guy I would probably already shoot my load from pleasure like this, but in this body, I can just barely feel myself building up the pleasure. How far is this going to go?

*10 minutes later* Oh god, oh god, oh god! I can feel it! I’m getting closer! So close to … Ahhhhh!!! Fuck! Hnngg god! It’s not ending! Oh god, oh shit. Fuck me. I can’t move anymore! That was the most intense feeling I ever felt. It was like I completely lost control. To imagine that that was just my first time clumsily masturbating, I can’t even think how good sex must feel. Did I really just fantasize about having sex with a guy? I need to get back to my old body. Fuck I am still shaking from that orgasm, but I don’t even feel exhausted. I actually feel like I could go again! I can’t believe that! Not only do women get to have these mind-shatteringly good orgasm, but they even get to have multiple of them!

She will come back any moment now probably. I don’t want to turn back. I want to stay like this. She has it so much better, how can I even go back to being a man now? What did I do?