Wow, so this is what my new equipment looks like? As a guy I have never been flexible enough to bend like this. Ironically, now that I am flexible enough to suck my own dick, I don’t have one anymore. I really want to try my new parts out, but I don’t have the right tools at hand. I have tons of fleshlights, but I guess I am the fleshlight now. Hehe. So logically that means that I need something to put inside me. Ideally this thing should be long and hard and veiny and pulsating.

I guess I have two options here: On one hand, my female roommate is quite the slut and I bet my new pair of tits that she has a bunch of dildos and vibrators. On the other hand, my male roommates dick naturally fulfills all the requirements. Both options do have their appeals, but also their backsides. Asking to borrow Cynthia’s sex toys is pretty weird, I mean I wouldn’t share sex toys with anyone I am not personally intimate with. So either I have to convince her to start a lesbian relationship with me, which would not be that bad I guess, or I have to steal them. Marc is probably very eager to share his equipment with me and since I have involuntarily seen his dick before, I am very sure that it will be able to fulfill my needs entirely. Then again, I don’t know if I am ready for a step like this. Sure I am all woman now, but I still have my old thoughts and feelings and the idea of allowing a man to ram his cock into my body scares me a bit.

I guess the best course of action is like this: I will sneak into Cynthia’s room and just briefly use her toys to get me going. Once I have tasted my new possibilities, hopefully my hunger for more will overshadow my doubts about having sex with a man. Then I can go over to Marc and ask him to finish what I have started. Oh I think I just hear someone leaving the flat, so I guess it’s time to get my plan started!