Well, they didn’t lie on the package when they said that this drug would make you ripped as hell. I surely was never that in shape before. Then again I never was in any shape close to this! Yeah of course I read about the side effects, but come on: How does that count as ‘increased femininity’? 

I used to be a pretty bulky guy and figured that it couldn’t be that bad on me. Everyone knows that some drugs can shrink your dick or your balls, I honestly didn’t care for this kind of side effect. However, I got pretty worried when everything down there completely disappeared only to find out shortly after that I actually had a pussy now! How is ‘increased femininity’ and ‘turns you into a complete fucking woman with tits and pussy’ the same? Don’t get me wrong, I feel great. I am stronger than ever before, which is pretty amazing, considering I am less then half as big now. My endurance and flexibility are great as well and I feel overall just good. Anyways it would have been nice to be warned about these kind of possible results!

And don’t even try to sell me on the line of ‘it’s just temporary minor body changes’. Bullshit! I can show you pictures of me just weeks ago and you will find no similarities! I actually went to a proper gynecologist, weirdest experience of my life. Anyways they ensured me that I was as much woman as any other patient they have had. So there is no way this is ‘temporary’ or just ‘looks like’ I have a pussy. I have a pussy. It’s kind of a liberating feeling I guess, to have nothing down there, but it’s scary at the same time.

The biggest notable difference however is how people treat you. My gym buddies treat my quite differently since my ‘transformation’. They are all nice and offer to bring my weights away. Don’t make me mention what happens, when I do squats … it’s like half of the gym takes a break just to watch my butt. Of course I also had some guys try to hit on me. Do us guys always sound that awkward and pretentious when trying to flirt with a woman? Long story short, it’s terrible. You won’t believe the level of shallowness some of them would go to just for some attention from me.

I am well aware though, that most of them want more than just my attention. They want to get a free ride on this new body of mine. As a guy I would have given an arm or a leg to have women sweep at me like this and obviously hit on me. Now things are much different. Is nobody sensitive enough to realize that this is an extremely uncomfortable situation for me? All they think about is where they can stick their dick! Guess I used to be like this as well. Anyways for me it’s even twice as bad, because that is not the way I was born! I have no experience with having a pussy! Hell I don’t even dare to touch myself down there.

You know what: Maybe I should. I am fairly certain that I will be stuck in this body and I don’t even mind it! This body feels good and I am growing accustomed to it, so why not explore its full potential? I am not really feeling attracted to guys, but what harm can there be in doing some solo-play? Come to think of it, women are so amazing during sex! They wind and scream and claw and I always felt that they get something that I don’t. I was always kinda envious. How can sex be that much better for them than for me?

Ok, screw it! It’s time to find out! Time to get my share of this situation! If this is how it’s going to be I am going to get the most out of it!