Rick pounded my wife with his THICK, beer can dick for almost an hour on the couch. He looked over at me and asked: “Ya wanna see what her cunt looks like now?” Of course, I nodded in the affirmative.

He pulled his giant wet shaft out of her spent little body and backed away so that I could see from my chair. Her once “precious little space” was a sloppy, stretched out fucking mess. His enormous GIRTH had plowed her wide leaving what looked like a pile of old lunch meat gathered around a yawning cavern. She just smiled a sexy little grin and held her legs open for me to see.

“I’m being remodeled, honey!” she said giggling. Fuck, I’ll say. Her pussy was like a new room in our house.

Rick stepped back up and pushed his monster in her all the way again. She let out a long, low groan of pure pleasure as his huge, fat head slid deep into her body…deeper than anything has ever been in her. Her thighs started to shake as she came again. I think that was number six for her and number two for him. I’d cum so many times by then, I was shooting fucking dust.

I am honestly so thankful to be a girl each and every day.

When I’m swallowing something 8 inches into my vagina and I can feel it tickle me from behind my bellybutton, I sometimes take it for granted that it didn’t have to be this way. Had I been born a boy, I would have never gotten to know what that feels like. 

I’ve been a girl my whole life, being able to do these things is second nature to me. I have to stop and remind myself that some people can’t do these things.

If was born a boy, I wouldn’t have half the sexual fun and experimentation I have as a girl.