She saw his huge meat and smiled big…she was totally looking forward to this again and laid back to take it. He grabbed her ankles and threw her legs back lewdly and she giggled. A few glancing pokes and his great big blunt head popped inside drawing a gasp and a whimper from her. He sank his fantastic length in a bit at a time and from there it was all fairly hydraulic. His great THICKNESS pumped in and out of her accommodating, drooling hole – clear to his balls. She made a moaning noise and then a grunt on each down-stroke as he slammed the air out of her. To him she was nothing but fuck-wurst…just cunt-flesh for rubbing his massive GIRTH into. A warm wet hole and a place to deposit his huge load. And God, how she loved it.

My vagina hungers with excitement knowing that despite my small size, I’m able to swallow that whole thing at once.