Fascinating! I seem to have undergone a complete gender exchange! I can pledge with absolute certainty, that before I went to sleep I was 100 % male. Now I can immediately observe numerous indicators for a female biology! There are multiple secondary signs, like a smooth skin with very few body hair, hair much longer than average for a male my age and an unusual pitch of my voice. However those can be caused by numerous conditions. What is highly indicative of being female is the presence of primary and secondary female gender traits coupled with the absence of male ones.

I now have two mammaries of approximately 500 grams of weight each on my chest. The nipples and areola have the characteristically increased size, mainly found in women. Tactile inspection reveals a firm yet soft consistency of the breast tissue. This confirms that it is indeed fat and gland tissue and not for example cancerous tissue. The nipples show a very strong response to touch with a quick stiffening, that leads to an even further increased size.

My waist and abdomen show a drastically reduced size. This gives my body an appealing hourglass shape. This shape has evolved over a long time to be attractive to human males. The small waist accentuates the bust and hip size. While it is still unclear why a large bust would imply a good mate, are researchers quite clear on the hip size. The widely accepted theory goes that wide hips translate to a lower probability of complications during child birth and therefore more potential to be a mother for one or more offspring.

On a personal note: It is very remarkable to notice these changes on myself. Never before have I given much thought to the fact that my male body was optimized for hunting and protection. Only now that my body’s purpose has changed so drastically do I realize this. Possessing a female body now, I understand how perfectly it is designed to accept a man’s seed, carry his child to term and nurture it. It is at the same time fascinating and frightening to feel that the purpose of my body has changed this way!

Continuing my observations. The most remarkable change of course is the complete transformation of my genitalia. Without proper tools it is difficult to inspect myself. However, I can clearly observe the labia majora and by gently pushing them down reveal the clitoris. For any further, more detailed inspection I would require a camera or even probing equipment.

A very important observation is, that my mind is still intact, at least as far as I can tell. My cognitive patterns feel completely the same as before, which is very unexpected! That either means that my brain has not changed, but is still capable of operating my now female body, or that my brain has been transformed, but somehow my memories and logical capabilities have been transferred! I can not help but notice a slight arousal from viewing and touching a female body this attractive. Also any touch to my skin feels a lot more intense now than before. That must be a side effect of the changes mechanical properties of my skin, allowing better tactile reception.

It’s an interesting opportunity to be able to observe arousal as a woman. The feeling is much more unspecific than before. While as a man, arousal would be clearly indicated by an errection, I can not observe clear signs. There is a general feeling of warmness in my chest, face and genitals, accompanied by blushing of those areas. I want to control myself, but I also want to know more, observe more, feel more! A slight growth of my clitoris is visible. It should also be more sensitive. I will gently pinch it with my index finger and thumb. Ahh! Oh that is suprising! It feels very similar to the sensation experienced when the aroused penis is touched, but due to the reduced size, the feeling is a lot more intense!

I can notice a rapid increase of vaginal fluids! Self-lubrication is a strong indicator for a functioning female reproductve system. My body is preparing my vagina for penetration! Even though I have no intentions on having intercourse with a man, all the preparations are done automatically. That is natures fascinating way of saying that free will is just a hinderance and for optimum procreation of the species any reproductive processes should be decoupled from the activity of the cortex as much as possible! That means especially that I could become pregnant and give birth to a child without my brain having any control whatsoever. A scary thought to be honest! 

While I was pursuing all these thoughts my arousal has actually just increased. Maybe there have been subtle changes to my brain chemistry and thinking about getting pregnant has only pushed my body’s need for intercourse! I am not willing to give in to the need to lay with a man, but I need some kind of relieve! I am getting a strong urge for something to fill out my vagina, I should try to cater to this need an combine it with clitoral stimulation. Hopefull that will release the sexual tension I am subjected to at the moment! Eureka, what is this! It seems there is a phallic object of approximately 12 inch length and 2 inch of diameter on my nightstand! It’s origins are unclear to me, but so is spontaneous gender reversal. I am just going to assume whomever is responsible for my transformation anticipated my new body’s needs! 

Anyways I going to take on the opportunity, lacking any other options. The device appears to be rather rigid with a soft silicon coating. Due to the smaller size of my hands in this body it appears quite large. I am now going to commence the insertion! The lubricant is so excessive, that the outside of my vagina is already very wet. This should facilitate an insertion with low resistance. I am very excited to see the dilative capabilities of the vagina! Considering in relaxed state the birth canal is only about 0.4 inch in diameter, that’s amost a 20 fold increase of the crosssectional area! It is very remarkable that this is not even close to the maximum expansion that can be achieved! I am going to apply a low inwards pressure now. Ahh ohh. As expected, the tip did pass the labia very easily! It is actually in a stable position now due to the phallic shape. More force will be required to push the device further up the vagina! Yes, I can feel it strechting the inside as it goes further in! It’s a very odd, but pleasureable sensation, the more I insert it the more I crave a full insertion! 

The device is now half-way inside of me. I get a clear response from my vaginal muscles, as they are surrounding the device without pushing it out. I can feel no counter-pressure yet. Under normal circumstances I would have expected to reach the end of the vaingal canal by now, but it is also well known that the vagina can not only dilate in size, but also in length when aroused! This actually makes sense, because the average penis is slightly longer than 6 inch when aroused, so the female body is making sufficient room for the partner and at the same time it increases the need of the woman to have her vagina filled. I can now completely confirm that this theorey is absolutely true! I will continue the insertion now to find out how far I can go!

I have actually reached 100 percent insertion depth! This phallus shaped pleasure toy has fully entered my body and I can feel every inch of it! I actually have no scientific terms to describe the feeling! Never in my life di I have any desired to do something like this to myself and now I want it more and more. My hips have involuntarily started a rythmic motion, moving the device in and out of me! The pleasure I am currently experienceing increases with every passing second! It is very clear that, whould I not interfere in any way, at this rate I will reach climax very soon! 

I can feel it! I can feel the orgasm approaching! A secret that men had searched for so long will reveal itself to me! Ohh god, ohh god, ohhhhh! Wow, that was, I don’t even have words. The only way I can think of to capture this feeling is: Fucking amazing! My entire body was shock and overflown with pleasure! I need more of this, it’s addictive! I will get out there and use this opportunity to it’s fullest! I don’t think I will report back anymore. I will go out there and fuck my brains out! Years of study and discipline have never felt as good as the last minutes! See you, freaks!