Look at those fucking latex panties.

Look at how tight it’s squeezing the front of her crotch. It’s stretched so tight and so smooth, you can even see a reflection in it.

It’s so tight, I bet it would feel firm if you tapped the front of her crotch. In fact, if you kicked her in the crotch, she would probably feel even less pain than normal, because the tension in the panties would absorb some of the blow. Not that she needs any protection anyway.

Every inch of those panties are hugging tight against her smooth flesh. It’s perfectly comfortable for her. She can walk, run, do anything she wants to in them.

Could you imagine if you tried to squeeze into those? Oh, the pain you’d be in. Your nuts would be squashed right up against your pubic bone, causing excruciating pain. Your penis would be partially bulging out the top, dangling like toothpaste squeezed out of the tube. And if you got hit in the nuts? When they’re already under so much pressure? You’d be in so much pain you might die. If you’re lucky.

Imagine yourself kneeling on the floor in pain with her standing over you, laughing. She slams her crotch into your face, giving you a nosebleed. She cackles with delight. Your crotch is a weak spot. Not only is her crotch NOT a weak spot, it’s so tough she can use it as a weapon.

She “teabags” you in the face again and again, slamming her crotch into your face, laughing while you cradle your swollen, aching balls.

And in that moment, you once again truly understand just how inferior you are.