When I got turned into a girl, I thought I was going to miss having a penis, but it turns out being dickless is a lot better than I thought.

It takes a little getting used to at first. I had a big one, 9 inches, so it was almost like losing a limb. But within the first few days, I already started noticing the benefits.

Probably the biggest thing is walking. Good Lord, I didn’t know walking could be so comfortable. My crotch is just smooth skin gliding against smooth skin. It feels so good I sometimes get horny from that alone. When I recall having to stuff my dick in underwear, I had no idea how bad I had it as a guy.

And of course, not having to worry about balls is a huge plus. I can sit down, cross my legs, so whatever I want without any pain.

Best of all is having a vagina. I can experience all kinds of sensations now that I couldn’t before as a guy. Turns out tickling the inside of your abdomen feels really, really good.

I’m so glad I got turned into a girl. If I’d have known how great it was, I would’ve done it myself sooner.