Her: So what did you think of the new STAR WARS film?

Him: It’s pretty good, but the girl hero was a bit much.

Her: What? How so?

Him: I’m really tired of all of the girls in action movies today. What happened to guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger and–?

Her: Well, that TERMINATOR movie last summer was awful. It bombed.

Him: Whatever. I just think that between all of the women in Marvel movies and–

Her: There haven’t been any female-fronted Marvel movies.

Him: Not YET, at least. I’m sure they’re coming. It’s the trendy thing now, even though it’s completely unbelievable.

Her: How is it unbelievable?

Him: Are you serious? No one believes girls being dominating like that. No one believes girls being strong like that. No one believes girls beating up guys like that. It’s just political correctness gone ma–

Her: (hammer-fists him very hard right in the balls)

Him: (gasping, high-pitched voice) –aaaa… (drops to his knees, face red and eyes wide with shock, holding his testicles, in a world of pain and looking very stupid)

Her: It sure seems believable to me.