She hasn’t yet mentioned the standard public strip search, required for all male citizens of the new female-led society.

You left your license at home? You know the fine, that’s three kicks to the balls. Spread your legs.

Come on sir, you know why we do this. You men must be reminded on a regular basis how inferior you are. How can you be trusted with positions of power and influence when all someone has to do is squeeze your balls, and you’ll do whatever they say? Society can’t take that chance. Women must be in charge, you men are to be servants and slaves. Sir, I know it’s unfair that your balls are such a weakness, but thats not my fault. Take that up with mother nature, not the courts.

Sir, stop resisting arrest. That’s an order. OK, you asked for it…. *hits him in the balls* See how easy that was? That’s why we’re in charge.