“I’m going to break loose,” he said to her as sweat slid down his face and he strained to free his hands from behind his back.

Jana walked in a circle around Travis, who was nearly naked except for a tiny and bulging male bikini swimsuit, and looked over the long lengths of rope that she’d used to tie him up in a standing position to the lamp post by the swimming pool earlier that day. Everything looked good, from the ropes that coiled his torso, to the firm loops around his wrists and ankles. Her knots were tight. He wasn’t going anywhere.

“If you’re going to get loose, it doesn’t look like you’re doing a very good job of it,” she said to Travis with a smile.

Anger flashed in Travis’s face and he thrashed impotently against the ropes to no effect.

“You’re a bitch,” he said through gritted teeth. Sweat that he couldn’t wipe away poured off of face.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me. Let me go.“ He wiggled more in his bondage.

Jana walked up close to him and ran her fingers across his bare chest, over the harsh ridges of the ropes, down his lower torso and then to his waist. She playfully snapped the waistband of his bikini.

“You know,’ she said, "considering the position that I’m in and the position that you’re in and the position that my knee is in and the position that your nuts are in, you really should be a lot nicer.”

Jana jerked up her knee suddenly, but didn’t bring it all the way up to Travis’s balls. It was a fake-out. He shuddered nervously. She laughed.

She did it again, same thing, toying with him.

“Or maybe I’ll just squeeze them,” she said and then she cupped his testicles firmly with her right hand.

“Please, don’t," he said, "I’m sorry. Please.”

Jana rolled her eyes. “Oh God, I hate when men beg.”

She let go of his balls and then kneed him there for real. Crunch! His body snapped into shock and the gasp that leaped out of his mouth embarrassed him. He turned red.

“That’s for begging–and this is for calling me a bitch.”

She kneed him in the nuts again, just as hard. He shook like a freezing man and tears formed in his eyes. If he wasn’t restrained, he’d have curled up on the ground.

“And now I’m going to go for a dip.”

Jana turned around and headed over to the sparkling swimming pool. She had a great ass in a thong bikini bottom and Travis looked at it for distraction from the pain in his balls, but it didn’t quite work.

She slipped into the pool and glided through the water, stretched out, relaxed.

Travis, meanwhile, sank into his private world of testicular pain. He hung his head as low as a man tied up to a post can manage as the ache pulsed in his gonads and throbbed in his lower stomach. Travis struggled against Jana’s ropes one more time. They still wouldn’t give.