I’m not a comic book nerd, but I love girls in tights, so I love cosplay.

She’s a good girl, I’m a bad guy, and this scenario is dumb.

Her: Hold it! Hands up.

Me: (Puts up hands.) Okay, you got me.

Her: Now I’m going to tie you up and take you in.

Me: (Smiles) You’re gonna have a tough time tying me up and holding that gun on me at the same time. Once you put that down, I can break you in half.

Her: (Smirks) It takes a lot of balls to talk like that to a girl who’s pointing a gun at you.

(With an expert fighter’s quickness, she suddenly kicks me extra hard in the testicles. I drop to the ground whimpering and shaking.)

Her: Fortunately for me, your balls are mostly to my advantage.

(She puts down the gun and ties me up very easily while I whimper and stare out bug-eyed from pain.)

A lot of female comic book characters have skintight bodysuits. We can suspend disbelief and allow ourselves to believe she can enter full combat dressed like that because we know she doesn’t have balls. It’s at least in the realm of plausibility.

You seldom see male characters with a full skintight bodysuit. It’s harder to believe because we know that exposes his balls, and he’d be unable to realistically last in combat.

If you take two equally powered male and female characters, the female can get away with less coverage at the crotch because she has a biological advantage there.