Her: It’s not polite to stare, you know.

Me: Sorry, that’s just a really nice Power Girl costume. You look good.

Her: Thanks.

Me: You do look funny though, flexing your muscles like that. You have thin little girl arms. A punch from you probably wouldn’t hurt at all.

Her. Really? (She points at something behind me.) Hey, what’s that?

Me: (I look around, see nothing there.)

Her: (she punches me square in the balls while I’m not looking.)

Me: (I gasp, double over in pain, and make a silly high-pitched whine.)

Her: I don’t know, that sure looked like it hurt. (smiles.)

Me: (I drop to my knees, red-faced, shaking, hands clutching my manly parts.)

Her: Oh well, have a nice day. (she laughs and then walks away.)

Me: (I continue to whimper on the floor and look stupid.)

Boy superheroes have to wear all this armor and protection.

But not girl superheroes. They can get away with skimpy, skintight costumes because they don’t have balls. Their bodies aren’t weak, they don’t need to protect a certain area.

Heck, the costumes are so thin, they might as well not be there. A female superhero could just as easily do her job naked. If a male hero tried to do that, his balls would be exposed and he would lose.