I’ve probably written about these girls enough here, so I posted today’s (particularly ridiculous) fantasy to my very neglected Kicked in the Testicles blog at Blogspot. Why not?

This story brings my usual fixations, my three B’s: boobs, ballbusting and bondage. Two victorious girls and one humiliated guy with two crushed nuts.

Direct link: http://kickedinthetesticles.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-girls-felt-like-real-heroes-after.html

You boys think you’re so lucky to be male, don’t you? You think it’s so great that you get to have a penis and pee standing up. You think you’re lucky because your bodies on average are bigger and stronger than ours.

Well how about when you get hit in the balls? Bet you don’t feel so lucky then, do you?

We have superpowers, so men no longer have the advantage in strength. And since we don’t have balls, we don’t have a huge weakness between our legs. That means girl superheroes have a huge advantage. We can do all the same things men superheroes can, without that huge weakness.

When it comes to comic-book-world, it’s better to be female.