You want to know what’s great about being a girl?

If I want to know what having a dick feels like, I can just go buy one and strap it on. It’s that easy. Yeah, I don’t get physical sensations from it, but in terms of the psychological satisfaction of penetrating someone and seeing the power hang from my crotch, that’s all there.

But if you want to see what being a girl is like, you can’t. You can’t buy a fake vagina and strap it on, it doesn’t work that
way. Sure you have an asshole there, but as any girl can tell you, having sex
there is NOT the same. 

And I can choose any size dick I want. I could even choose a giant one, bigger than any guy could have. I can choose the shape, color, texture, anything. My imagination’s the limit.

Sure, you could use a cock extender or strap-on too, but there’s a huge stigma for you guys because it’s like you’re admitting the one you have isn’t good enough. So for all practical purposes, you guys don’t have those options, you’re stuck with the dick you were born with.

So: I get to experience all the pleasures of being a girl, and I can try out being a guy anytime I want without any stigma. You only get to experience being a guy, and you’re stuck with the dick you have. Isn’t life unfair?