Don’t worry, once you get past your subconscious castration anxiety, it’s actually quite okay.

All boys subconsciously fear losing their penis. It’s an evolutionary trait to protect manhood.

But having a penis is kind of unnecessary and isn’t worth the trouble when you think about it. And once it’s finally gone, you might discover benefits you didn’t realize you didn’t have before.

Guys try to make it seem like we’re unlucky to not have junk between our legs. Sure, there might be pros and cons to both. But I think there are multiple pros for every con on the list.

For example.. girls can’t pee standing up but…1) we can pee without hands 2) we never have to pee with an erection 3) it’s easier to learn to pee sitting down 4) we make less of a mess on the toilet.

Yea sure, maybe it takes us a while to orgasm too but… 1) we can have “multiple orgasms” once we pop we just can’t stop 2) we make way less of a mess when we cum 3) we can be horny in public without a boner 4) a girl’s clitoris is 4x more sensitive than a whole penis

Should I continue?