Even though I don’t have a penis, I don’t feel sad. In many ways, I actually feel lucky.

For one thing, you boys have to deal with having testicles. That must be so inconvenient! One of my favorite things to do is tease boys about how they can get hurt in the nuts. I slip it into conversation every opportunity I get. For example, if someone’s giving me trouble, I tell them to stop “busting my balls”. It’s funny to me because obviously, boys can be hurt that way but I can’t, I’ll never have to experience that pain. I love watching boys’ faces when I say that, they chuckle a little at first, but because I drew attention to the fact that I don’t have a penis and balls, I can see the gears turning in their head: they start feeling this weird combination of jealous and horny that I love.

I may never know what having a penis feels like, but boys will never know what having a vagina feels like either, and in my opinion having a vagina is much better. When I fuck myself deep, the sensations I get deep in my belly are indescribable, it’s more pleasurable than anything else I’ve ever experienced. It lets me do amazing things too; even though I’m skinny, I can fit a man’s fist inside my vagina. Compared to my body, my vagina is huge, and that makes for a lot of fun. It makes boys’ dicks seem so small by comparison.

When we talk about private parts, our views are so penis-centric; it’s always about how girls are missing something, how boys have something we don’t. It’s about time we also focused on what we have that boys don’t have.