One of my favorite things to do is watch videos of guys getting hit in the nuts. It makes me laugh every time! I don’t think it’s like a sadist thing, because I don’t enjoy watching pain for its own sake. For example, it doesn’t do anything for me if he gets hit in the face or the chest or anywhere else: it has to be in the nuts. I think I like it because it makes me feel lucky to be a girl.

See when I was a kid, all the neighborhood kids were boys. They used to make fun of me for being a girl and not having a penis. I was so jealous of how they could pee standing up. They made me wish I had a penis so bad, and for years I thought that being a boy was so much better than being a girl.

Seeing boys get hit in the nuts almost feels like retribution; now I’m the one that’s lucky to be a girl for a change. I pay extra close attention when I watch him curl in pain, because I know that I will never have to experience the pain he’s in. Sometimes I try to imagine the awful sensations he’s going through, the knots in his stomach, but I can’t, I’ve never felt it before, and that makes me feel blissfully ignorant. It makes me feel superior to boys.

And the more time has gone on, the more I appreciate other things about being a girl, to the point that now I think being a girl is better. I almost have to thank those boys for bullying me, because it made me appreciate being a girl that much more.