nowthatimagirl: I’m trying to get used to how it feels having just a mound where my penis would be.It’s weird getting used to the normal day-to-day experiences where you would usually expect to feel your penis. I never noticed my penis throughout the day. Walking, sitting down, putting on my underwear or pants… Now each […]

pussyenvyfetish: virtuallyjessica: michellesxygrl: theemberrose: Always I wish I could feel like that 24/7 😍 The smooth flatness between the legs is the best part

nowthatimagirl-deactivated20180: A clitoris is more than 50 times smaller by volume than the average penis. Yet many studies report it has twice as many nerve endings as the penis. With some math, it is simple to see how the average clitoris is more than 100 times as sensitive as a penis. Don’t be jealous of […]

pussyenvyfetish: youaresolooseandiloveit: practice2perfection: simmygirll: Beautiful curves. Lovely curves One of the benefits of not having a penis is you can wear super tight, form fitting things without pain or discomfort.

pussyenvyfetish: showing-her-vulva: Showing herself. Admit it boys, you’re dying to know what having a vagina feels like