becomingfemale: Becoming a girl for the first time is so weird! I’m still trying to get used to the new experiences… For example, public bathrooms. I really had to go this one time…  So, I walked into the girls’ bathroom, found a stall, lifted my skirt, lowered my panties, and sat down. But when I got […]

pussyenvyfetish: vulvapeeks: Are you jealous of how smooth my mound is? Are you jealous of how I can wear these comfortably, instead of that lumpy, uncomfortable, sweaty excuse of a tuck when you wear panties?

pussyenvyfetish: vulvapeeks: Only girls can wear these shorts. There’s no way a penis or balls would be able to fit in there.

becomingfemale: Oh my god, are all girl’s panties this tight? This seems like they would be so uncomfortable. If I was still a guy, my balls would be so crushed. Fortunately those are gone…

becomingfemale: Now that I’m a girl my clit gives me all the same pleasure that my penis used to give me and more! ….multiple orgasms for example. Even better, it’s all localized to my tiny clit. So, I can even have an orgasm with a single finger!

pussyenvyfetish: monster-gapes: Are you horny when I masturbate with a big dildo? Click Here! It’s amazing how much girls can fit in their bodies thanks to their vagina. Guys will never get to experience anything even close to that.

becomingfemale: That’s easy for her to say! This would be impossible for me.For someone without a penis, she’s not being fair. She could easily rub out 6, 12, maybe even 30 orgasms!I’ve seen girls rub out 6 orgasms in under 10 minutes with no problem.But that’s impossible for a guy. Let alone trying to keep […]