We had two couples over for an afternoon BBQ a week ago. We were all pretty “familiar” with one another…we’d done plenty of hot tubbing, camping and skinny dipping together. My wife had sucked down about 3 margaritas too many and I playfully threatened her with a big cucumber if she didn’t slow down. 

“Bring it on, big boy!” she said. Everyone laughed and I knew she was kidding…but she kicked off her thongs and down came her panties and shorts. She laid back on the table in front of me and threw her legs back. The others egged me on, hooting and hollaring. I spit on the end and started pushing it in her. At halfway she said “Is that all you got?” I ran another few inches in her…this thing was THICK! I could tell she was starting to struggle with an inch to go…“Come on! Push!” she screamed. Finally, her pussy closed up over the end and everyone cheered. As she pushed it out, Jim’s wife grabbed an even bigger, thicker cucumber off the table. “I betcha you can’t take this one!” she challenged. “Bring it!” my wife said. She took it all and within 15 minutes, all three wives had cucumbers mostly inside their pussies. We need to have more BBQ’s.

Girls can do things boys can’t.