Once I had released my frustration in my Milf sub’s ass and down her throat it was on with June’s program of training..
I have been introducing her to a range of activities I like..
Today I had her assume a new position to be spanked..
She begun to enjoy the sensation of a well spanked ass.. relaxes and feels the endorphin rush..
I must admit I enjoy the fact that I have trained her to be so compliant and accepting of so many new experiences..
Today I decided to take her further and spank her Cunt..
She didn’t like it but I sure did!..
I could feel my frustration beginning to ebb away..

You are erasing credits from @lovinglyhandmadepornography that’s not very nice

No, I just did a terrible job with the original watermarking. 🙂 FWIW, original is here: http://lovinglyhandmadepornography.tumblr.com/post/50884608914

an advantage of not having balls.