“Normally, he ties me open to the bed, licks me to an orgasm, stuffs in his dick, cums and then watches it run out of me. We had a discussion about size last week and I let slip that size does indeed matter to me. Upon further interrogation, I let him know that GIRTH was much more desirable than length.

Over the weekend, while hunting he tied me wide open to the deer stand. He then began inserting his fingers in me. He’d also brought an entire bag of  things to use on me. By the time we got to the bottles and finally a can, he was very impressed. When I’d finally taken the can completely and my pussy began to close up over the end, he told me how nasty I was to enjoy being opened WIDE like this. With the can buried inside me stretching me wide, he finally brought me off with his tongue. I’ve never enjoyed deer hunting so much!”

Girls don’t have balls.

We’re not afraid to spread our legs because there’s nothing to hurt down there.