Having stretched her pussy impossibly wide, there’s only one question left for FTV’s Amy: Can she fist herself? She’s never done it before, but she’s excited to test her limits.

Lo and behold, her hand slides in easily, and the look of shock and delight on her face is priceless. Before you know it she’s playing with her newfound ability, bulging her own tummy, seemingly unable to keep her hand out of herself.

She finishes by flipping over and stuffing herself from behind, pounding her cunt with reckless abandon. Looks like she’s found her new favorite pastime – though she’ll need someone to fill in when her wrists get too sore…

Girls’ vaginas are so amazing, even girls themselves are often amazed by what they can do.

Isn’t it awesome to know that you can push up your own belly from the inside?

And it’s all because you have a vagina. If you were male, you wouldn’t be able to do these things. That hole gives you all kinds of talents.