Yeah, it’s true I don’t have a penis, but you know what? I don’t need one. Sure, boys can pee standing up, but walking is so much more comfortable for girls.

Not only is it comfortable, sometimes it even feels erotic…

Just look at my crotch. It’s so clean and smooth and wet and sensitive. Picture me walking, my thighs lubricated by that warm soapy water, just sliding, squeaking against my smooth crotch, stimulating my clit and getting me all excited.

I can get even more excited when I walk crossing my legs each time. You boys can’t even walk like that because your penis and balls get in the way. You would crush your balls each step.

You think having a penis is so great, yet you can’t even walk properly. Not only can I walk however I want, I can get horny doing it. 

Who’s better off now?