Sorry for my absence, but in last weeks we had some trouble to find some time for us. Today I wanted to rewarded me for all the waiting!!
I had a silly fear that my pussy could have get tight… but there was nothing to fear, as you can see!
I studied for a couple of hours this morning with Manta in my pussy, just to be sure.
Then I had planned some nice “vanilla” sex 🙂 but things went out differently, very differently! When E. saw my pussy, all open and stretched, he couldn’t resist and he started to open it with fingers, then I wanted his whole hand. He finished fistfucking me and we recorded everything! It was crazy and so satisfying, especially after all that time! 😀
I just want to be fucked and fisted more ‘till my pussy stay open all the time.


Having a vagina must be so much fun…