Her First Time Being Filled

A cock the size of her arm? Most smart girls would turn tail and run. Not this one though – she’s intrigued. And it’s not like it could ever fit, right?

The head slips in easily, but she’s not concerned. She’s been fucked before, how could this be any different?

She’s halfway down when the fullness finally hits, like nothing she’s ever felt before, and the shock of it brings her to her knees.

By the time she hits bottom her mind is already gone. All she knows is this overwhelming new pleasure.. and the need for more.

She rides ecstatically, driving it all into her insatiable young body, until she has the most powerful, mind-shattering orgasm of her life.

By the time her eyes open she knows she needs this feeling, and always will. A willing slave to her hungry cunt, and nothing could make her happier.