Sheri Vi

As a kid, I always thought boys were the lucky ones, because they got to have a penis and I didn’t. It made me so mad that they could pee standing up and I couldn’t.

But as I got older, I learned to appreciate the benefits of not having a penis. And as time went on, I loved being a girl more and more. I realized I can wear tight things that boys can’t. I don’t have to worry about getting hit in the balls. Walking is more comfortable for me. Once I felt something go into my vagina for the first time, that sealed the deal. I’d never felt anything so pleasurable in my life! It made me feel thankful to have a vagina, because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to feel such wonderful things.

Now, I realize that being a girl is much, much better than being a guy. So go ahead boys, you can keep your penis; I can experience pleasures you can’t even dream of!