I don’t know why guys think I’m inferior because I don’t have a penis.

It’s like OK, I get it, you have a body part I don’t have. And I’m sure it’s great peeing standing up and getting boners and all that. I’ll never get to know what that feels like, so fine, whatever.

But there’s a lot of advantages to bring a girl too. First of all, underwear and pants fit us perfectly. If you notice, pants don’t have a third sleeve for your penis, it’s just two legs. We don’t have to somehow stuff another appendage where there’s no room.

Even better, we don’t have balls. Do you know awesome it is having no balls? I can cross my legs, straddle things, get hit in the crotch, do all kinds of things you can’t get away with because your poor little balls are so sensitive.

But best of all is having a vagina. We get a hole that’s way bigger than any hole you have. I can fit things inside me that you couldn’t even dream of fitting. And the sensation of having all that inside me, filling me up, stretching me out, it’s so pleasurable it’s beyond words.

So yeah, you get to experience things I can’t. But I get to experience things you can’t, and the things I can do are better and more pleasurable than yours.