Got a funny feeling in my pants the moment I saw this pic of Kelly Brook. She looks primed to humiliate a man. I wacked off to it in record time and popped out with a little ballbusting threat fantasy.


Being beaten up by a girl isn’t any less embarrassing when she’s a superhero. Shadow Girl tied me up, gagged me and stripped me. She even pulled off my hairpiece (“How does a wealthy jewel thief like you have such a cheap toupee?”, she said as she threw my hair on the floor while all I could do was wriggle in my bondage.) She also emptied my safe, stole my Escalade (with me in it, tied up in the back) and kicked me in the balls.

I’ve had better days.

She stopped the Escalade just off the desert road, in the middle of nowhere.

“We walk from here,” Shadow Girl said. With tape over my mouth, I couldn’t ask her where we were going.

She came to the back of the van where I was and untied the rope around my waist that held me to the seat and freed my ankles. She let my hands stay tied behind my back though, and she didn’t untie the rope that wrapped around my chest and stomach and kept my arms down.

I stepped out of the van clumsily, off-balance due to being in bondage and still limping from that earlier kick in the nuts. I had no shirt, no pants and not even shoes. All I wore was a small pair of blue bikini briefs in which I toted a fierce bulge. I looked and felt ridiculous, but if we had a long walk ahead of us, being almost naked would make the desert heat more bearable. If I had nothing else going for me, I at least had that.

Shadow Girl looked very intently eastward into the unpaved desert. She seemed to be seeing something that I couldn’t see. Some marker for a hidden hideout, maybe.

I took a quick peek at her long legs and her firm and curvy ass, hugged tight in a spandex leotard. 

“We walk that way. It should take us a few hours,” she said.

Then, she looked back at me. She tugged at the ropes that held my arms and wrists, making sure that I was tied up tight. Satisfied that I was defenseless, she then looked straight into my eyes and said, “And if you give me any trouble at all–if I even think that you’re trying to escape–I’m going to go right for your balls.”

She pointed down at the bulge between my legs. An easy target.

“I’m not going to ask questions. I’m just going to kick you in the balls very, very hard. Understood?”

She gave me a firm one-fingered jab in the sac. I winced and nodded sincerely.

“Now, let’s go.”