It’s unfair that we think it’s funny when a guy gets hit in the balls. It’s wrong to giggle at the stupid face a man makes when he’s just been kicked in his most sensitive area and it’s downright cruel to keep laughing at him when he struggles through the pain over the next several minutes.

It’s also very sexy. Keep laughing. An amused girl and a humiliated guy is my fetish sweet spot. Be unfair. Be wrong. Be cruel. It’s hot.


Don’t get into an argument with this girl, especially if you’re a guy. She goes right for the balls.

“Aww, poor thing” she says, baby talk style, to her overprotective boyfriend. One kick to his nuts instantly shut him up and dropped him to his knees. She put her hands on the flat space of her own crotch in a mocking gesture. “Did that hurt?”

Aww! You poor baby. Do your balls hurt?

Not that I know what it feels like. Does it hurt up here in your belly? Do you feel the pain radiating up? I don’t, because I don’t have balls.

It’s so sad that you have to feel that pain. Don’t you wish you could be like me?