I’ve always thought it would be amazing if a girl was in a situation where having such a big hole is useful.

Like, what if she’s a spy, and she needs to steal something out of a guarded building? The guards pat everyone down and inspect every pocket and briefcase, so whatever a spy sneaks out has to be hidden inside their body.

Imagine stealing a gadget or a can of secret codes: it’s big, but you can just barely fit it inside your vagina. It’s big enough that you know no man could have fit that inside his body. Then, you walk right up to the security guards, who inspect your coat, your briefcase, pat you down, but don’t find anything.

They let you go.

How awesome would that feel to know that your vagina is what enabled you to complete the mission? Because you were born a girl, you accomplished something no man could do. Would that make you feel lucky to be a girl? Would you feel superior to boys because you have an ability they don’t?

I know I would.