The best part about being a girl isn’t having no nuts as a weakness, or having boobs to play with, or having no penis in the way. It’s having a vagina.

See, even compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, our vaginas are enormous. They had to evolve to be bigger and bigger to fit our big brains. In proportion to the size of our bodies, our vaginas are probably the biggest in the animal kingdom. Out of all the animals, it’s the human female that gets to experience having the biggest hole.

That means we can do some fucking incredible things with our vaginas, like fuck a whole wine bottle at once, or fuck someone’s fist up to their forearm. We get to do things and experience sensations nothing else in nature can. Guys didn’t experience the same evolutionary pressures that we did, that’s why their dicks are so tiny compared to our vaginas. While our vaginas grew to be bigger and more and more amazing, their dicks stayed the same.

So if any boy ever thinks less of you because you don’t have a penis, remind him which parts are the real treasure.