I don’t understand how men survive with giant penises attached to them. Girls, imagine putting on an 8 inch strap on dildo in the morning, then trying to function the rest of the day like that. You can’t wear panties because the dick gets bunched up and is uncomfortable, or it falls out the side. You can’t wear those tight jeans you love because the penis gets in the way; even if you manage to get them on, a huge bulge is showing through. You can’t wear a miniskirt, if the dick flops out the panties it’ll be plainly visible. God forbid if you get an erection, it’ll lift the whole damn skirt up. So already, the mere presence of a penis drastically limits the clothing options available to you. You can no longer wear whatever you want, you have to adjust for this penis of yours. Now on top of all that, imagine if you sit on the balls too hard or accidentally hit them in any way, someone punches you in the gut. Pretty shitty day huh? Well this is how men have to live each and every day of their lives.

Having a penis and balls straight up sucks. Men are just too afraid to admit it.