My opinion #1 Pussy stretching is better than having big tits



I like people enjoy my blog and my body and my pussy fucking things.
I got message that I need big tits…HOW? I don’t want to do any surgery because it’s cheating.
This is my natural body. I wanted big tits too of course, because it’s sexy, but how I can get?
I actually don’t like girls who have big tits. I’m sorry if they are doing efforts to keep boobs beautiful. But it’s only just their normal body. Good for you, only showing them.
I rather want to stretch myself. My pussy can eat big things now, it’s because of my acquired skills. Because of my acquired personality.

Sorry if I’m like attacking people. It’s just my feelings. Maybe people love big tits a lot, don’t care 🙂

Agree 110%!

I love how you eat things with your pussy, it’s incredible how a girl so little can fit in so much! You have such an amazing talent, the world is so lucky you were born a girl because otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing these amazing things!