Her (girl in her best Power Girl cosplay): What’s the first thing you think about when you think about Power Girl?

Him: Can I be honest?

Her. Sure.

Him: Big boobs. She’s got really big boobs.

Her: Big boobs? Is that it?

Him: Yeah, that’s it.

Her: I bet I can make you think about something else.

Him: Like what?

Her: Like… Hey, what’s that behind you? (points over his shoulder)

Him: (turns his head to look, sees nothing)

Her: (kicks him very hard in the balls)

Him: (moans loudly, drops to the floor, hands over his sac)

Her: (smirking) I bet you’ll think about that from now on.

Him: (writhes and whimpers in defeat)

You know what makes Power Girl even more powerful?

The fact that she doesn’t have balls.

Her crotch doesn’t need protection; all that’s covering it is a thin piece of leotard. You could kick her in the crotch as she is, it would never hurt her like it would hurt a guy.

That’s why Power Girl is superior to Power Boy, and every other boy out there!