“It takes a lot of balls for a girl to wear a top like that,” Jason said to Veronica.

“Is that a compliment?”

“Definitely,” he replied.

“Thanks,” she said. “These shorts are so small though that I don’t think I could fit any balls in them.”

Jason laughed and looked her up and down.

“That’s such a strange expression, though,” Veronica said. “Don’t you think?”


“To compliment someone by saying that they ‘have balls’. Everyone does it. When you stop to think about it though, it doesn’t make sense. Personally, when I think of balls, I think of this.”

Veronica swiftly rammed her knee up between Jason’s legs and crushed his testicles with a wet thud. He yelped and gasped all in one high-pitched bleat, doubled-over, desperately clutched his masculine parts and eventually curled up trembling on the floor fighting back tears.

“… And that,” Veronica continued, with a smile on her face, “doesn’t look like any fun at all.”

Women have an ability men don’t have; the ability to wear tight shorts and tight underwear.

A man wouldn’t be able to wear those shorts. They’d crush his nuts, and his penis would be flopping out one of the leg holes. It’d be completely inappropriate, and he’d probably get the cops called on him.

But women can wear them just fine. They squeeze so tight that everyone can see they don’t have a penis or balls, but lucky for us, our society says it’s OK to wear in public. 

That must feel so sexy, being out in public and anyone can just take a look at your crotch and know your sex with visual certainty.