Look at the size of that clitoris compared to the erect penis…

Can you imagine what she feels down there? She has more than an entire penis’ worth of nerve endings stuffed into something no larger than the tip of her pinky…By size comparison alone, the nerve density of her clitoris must be hundreds of times more than the average penis.

If all the feeling of your penis could be concentrated into an area THAT small, maybe just a gust of wind would be enough to turn you on.

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine having an area between your legs so sensitive that just crossing your legs or riding a bike could give you an orgasm?

Maybe the feeling of your panties pressing against your pubic area could be enough turn you on.


It wouldn’t come to any surprise that the slightest touch to such a dense package of nerves would drive a woman crazy.

Don’t you wonder what an orgasm must feel like?!

But it gets even better. As horny as some women could get, she will never get an erection, no raising the mast to let the world know you’re ready to mate, and no covering it in embarrassment while others judge you like a perv.

Can you imagine living in a world where you could read everyone else’s mind but they couldn’t read yours? Everyone without a penis enjoys this incredible benefit.


Men just simply can’t understand this…

Can you be this man for a moment? imagine what it would be like to live in a world where everyone else could read your mind but you couldn’t read theirs?


None of the women here have to worry about hiding an erection in front of the others, nor do they have to worry about silly things like dick size with the surrounding women.

They are each equally penisless, never having to worry about their anatomy getting in between each other. What a blissful existence it must be…

To have hundreds of times the pleasure without needing to “get it up” or worry about someone else seeing it once it is.