To most people born female, not having a penis is completely normal. We don’t think that there is something missing between our legs. That’s just the way we understand our body to be. Besides, we have all the same nerve endings and analogous parts as boys do. So, it’s not like we’re missing anything. It’s all just kind of tucked away in a smaller package that we never have to look at. It’s actually kind of awesome. We never have to worry about erections or getting our balls caught in a zipper. Honestly, sitting to pee on the toilet is just a fact of life to us. It’s no different than having to eat with our mouths.

It’s funny how boys think we’re so fascinated with their penises and its “abilities”.

It’s true, yes, we are surprised at first when we find out that penises exist and that half of the people in the world can actually do something with that, like aim the direction of their pee. 

You might think that this is the first time penis envy sets in… the first time we truly wish we were a boy with boy parts…. But not really.

I’ve never felt that way…

I remember when I saw my little brother stand in front of the toilet and use his little penis for the first time. I knew that my dad had been potty training him. But I never actually saw him do it. As soon as the stream began to trickle out of his nearly 1-inch long boy part, all I could see was the mess he was making all over the seat! I couldn’t help but grab him and try to force him to sit down. And of course, that only made things worse. He started spraying piss all over the place trying to gain control, even hitting me in the process!

After he had successfully sprayed me and the whole back of the seat, I tattled on him and told my father all about his pissing aerobics experiment.

“But he wouldn’t sit down on the toilet!” I said trying to explain my brother’s carelessness. But my father only chuckled over my quandary. I realized then – and forever on – that all men seem to have some sort of delusion of masculinity involving standing when you pee.

Why are men so proud of such a useless ability. Why would I want to hold and aim something every time I pee? Or watch the stream as it trickles out of me?

Is this something only a girl could understand? My boyfriend doesn’t seem to understand either. Sometimes I wish I could take his dick and somehow get rid of his balls and shrink down that ridiculous phallus into something the size of a pea.

Maybe then he would understand what I feel.