I’m glad I was born with slit down there instead of a shaft.

One of the best parts about it is I never have to worry about “guy” stuff.

I sit down when I pee all the time and never have to worry about aiming my junk.

I never have to worry about “performing” during sex. Forget erectile dysfunction. I don’t even need an erection to cum. And with a slit, I can cum way more times that any guy can. Sometimes I even feel like I can’t stop!

Not only do I NOT NEED erections, I”m literally incapable of them. There’s nothing down there that can get hard… I can wear the tightest bikinis at the beach and never have to worry about popping an erection when a hot guy walks by.

Why haven’t you gotten the surgery done yet? You really need to get rid of that penis. Isn’t my slit proof of how much better life is without a penis? Why would you still want to keep it? You stupid boys. If only you could be a girl for a day and realize just how much better this feels. Are you really satisfied with your male mono-orgasmic condition?