Who has the better genitals, boys or girls?

Let’s compare size, because it’s better to have more to play with, right? Men are generally taller, so it’s important we calculate it relative to body size.

If a guy’s lucky, maybe his penis is 1/10 the size of his abdomen. Sure, that seems pretty big…

Until you remember that a vagina can pass an entire baby. See, because our brains are so big, to birth a baby, vaginas evolved to be bigger and bigger. A woman’s vagina might be able to fit ¼ of the volume of her whole abdomen. When she gives birth, the baby might even be the same size as her abdomen!

Do you think any guy will ever have a penis ¼ the size of his abdomen? Didn’t think so. Girls parts are bigger, which means bigger and better sensations. Girls are better, case closed.