How can we objectively compare which sex has the better private parts?

Let’s start with the assumption that a bigger private part = a better private part. For example, if all boys’ cocks were the size of a pinky finger, and girls’ vaginas could all easily fit in a wine bottle, it’d obviously be better to have a vagina. It’d be bigger and let you do more extreme and fun things.

On the flip side, imagine if all boys’ cocks were as big as their upper arm, and girls’ vaginas were small and could only fit in two fingers. Now it’s guys that have the advantage, because it’d be fun to have a big giant penis, where the vagina’s so small you might as well not have it.

Going by that logic, in real life, it’s obvious girls private parts are better than boys. Vaginas are big enough to fit a baby; no guy is ever going to have a penis that big. They’re bigger, end of story. Girls can fit more, do more, and have more fun with their parts than guys can, therefore being a girl is better.