You see that nice, wide-open space between our legs? 

That’s called a gap. Girls have one, boys don’t. 

We have that because we need wide hips so we can give birth. As a side benefit, it means we have tons of space between our legs, so walking is easy and our crotch is never cramped or sweaty. 

Isn’t it ironic? Boys have all that junk between their legs, but narrow hips mean it’s all crammed into a tight space. Girls have tons of space between our legs, and we don’t even have anything dangling there to make use of it. 

It’s like we got gifted twice: once for not having a penis and balls, and again with a wide crotch. 

Guys’ crotch is sweaty all the time, girls’ crotch is smooth and cool. It’s no wonder why guys get jock itch but girls don’t!