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I’m one of the few people in history that’s been able to experience being both a boy and a girl.

I was one of the first test subjects for nanogenology, a new science that lets us completely rewrite a person’s genetics and cellular structure.

I used to be a guy, now I’m 100% female, right down to the molecular level.

And I can tell you, without a doubt, that being female is absolutely better and more pleasurable than being male.

Walking without a penis and balls is more comfortable than I ever though possible. I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference, until I took my first steps as a woman, and my God, it was like I was gliding on air. I don’t know how I survived with all that shit hanging between my legs all these years.

Without balls, I can straddle things now, and I never have to worry about getting hit in the nuts. Again, I didn’t think such a little change could make such a big difference, but it’s like night and day. I literally feel less anxious psychologically. I can move my body any way I want without ever experiencing that pain again.

But best of all is having this vagina. I’ll never forget how good it felt to insert something inside me for the first time. It was like a warmth, a stretch, a pressure, and a tingle all at once, and it was so deep inside too. It’s like it filled a hunger I never even knew I had.

It’s such a crime that for all of history, only women got to enjoy these pleasures. Each and every one of them should feel grateful that they were lucky enough to be born as a superior sex.