Men are strength incarnate: they are courage bound up in muscle – the sort of muscle that bulges eternally, in any situation, tirelessly, sweating. Men are combative by nature and heroic by design. They surge with passion, commanding obedience to their will – which erupts bold ideas from the hard terrain of masculine flesh.

They are not weak. They do not give in, surrender, or yield.

They defy and rebel by genetic command. Testosterone. Men are grand-scale sperm cells, swimming against the current, writhing with insuppressible force – against the odds – to the elusive egg.

Testosterone.  Muscle.  Power.

Ironically the source of their power is also their Achilles’ heel, their Kryptonite, their weak spot or just …  their testicles.

How could men possibly be the superior sex when they have a vulnerability girls don’t have?

Check and mate 😛