Getting turned into a girl took a lot of getting used to.

Of course it felt weird at first to not have a penis and balls. It took weeks to get accustomed to panties fitting me snugly and peeing sitting down, but eventually I did. The hardest part to get used to, the part that I still find strange even months later is having a vagina.

The first thing that shocked me was all the new sensations. For me it was a brand new hole, a brand new body part. I was feeling everything for the very first time. I’d never swallowed something from my crotch before. I’d never had anything feel around my insides before. Things touched me behind my bladder, in front of my rectum, inside of my hip bones, behind my bellybutton. I got touched in places so deep, it didn’t seem possible. Like, should things be allowed to poke around my internal organs like that? Shouldn’t that kill me or something? But somehow, the vagina makes it all possible.

The second thing that shocked me was just how much I could fit in my body now that I had a vagina. Again, it doesn’t seem possible that I should be able to fit two fists inside my pelvis, especially in a smaller, slimmer body, but I here I was not only doing it, but enjoying it beyond my wildest dreams. I never would have been able to fit that much in my body as a man. It seems insane to me how the only reason I’m able to do that now is because I’m a girl, but apparently that’s how nature intended it. I literally have new talents that no guy has, thanks to my private parts.

See, the vagina is hungry in a way guys can’t understand. You can’t blame them, how can you imagine hunger in a hole you don’t even have? When your vagina is wet, open, twitching, begging to be filled and you finally have something enter, no words can describe how good it feels to have that craving satisfied. It fills you up from so deep in your gut it’s like it’s in your soul, it stretches you out like an itch being scratched. It’s like there’s this hole in you, this gaping chasm, and it’s finally been filled with the missing puzzle piece. And you feel all this at once, the penetration, the stretch, the hunger, the satisfaction, all building one after another, cresting higher and higher, orgasm after orgasm, reaching lengths and heights that overwhelm your mind and would certainly break any male mind.

I don’t know why I’m wasting my time, it’s not like all these descriptions will allow you guys to feel it. Unless you have the parts, you just can’t understand.

I never realized I was missing out on all this. I don’t know how or why I got turned into a girl, but all I know is: I’m so glad I did.