First orgasm story #29:

“I was really young, ‘cos I didn’t even know it was a sexual thing, but I’d always sit with my heel between my legs as a kind of comforting presence? Until one day in my room, I must’ve had it pressed right against a certain spot, and I started rocking backwards and forwards, and BOOM! I wasn’t even freaked out I was just like “oh hey cool so that’s the thing that happens when you sit like this!”

Then I just used to do it anytime I was anxious or whatever. I could never work out if it was a totally new thing I’d invented or if everyone did it! My most cringey memory is trying to explain it to my friend and her being completely mystified. I’m pretty sure I used to do it in situations I really shouldnt’ve but I don’t remember ever getting in trouble for it, sooo…

Obviously when I was much older I moved on to other things but I still wind up sitting that way when I’m on my laptop and reading certain sites ;)”

Thanks for sharing!

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She discovered a brand new pleasure by pressing her heel into her crotch.

She was able to do that in the first place because she doesn’t have balls. Guys can’t sit like that, the penis and balls get in the way.

I think part of the reason she found it so fun at first is because she knew the only reason she could do it was because she was a girl.