Model: MAXEENGREEN

This is a particularly special toy. It is called,“Seahorse.” This toy was designed by a company called Mrhankeystoys.com

I have been getting a variety of toys and I LOVE them! These toys are on the bigger side so if you like stretching (which I know most of you do.) Check these toys out! The Seahorse size I have is Large. The overall insert able length is 12 inches. So how deep I am taking it is actually pretty impressive. I fell in love with this particular toy because of the ribs on it. Seahorse has a unique texture. The toy itself is soft and bendable, my cervix doesn’t get to abused by it. 😉 The toys also come with the option of getting a Vac-U-hole. Which puts essentially a suction cup on the bottom to keep toy stable.Super Helpful!Remember this toy is called Seahorse!

Here is the website, please go pick out your new toys.


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What a talented vagina!